Is Bad Credit Common?

FACT: More than half of Canadians under the age of 50 spend more money than they make.

Over 25% of Canadians carry between $10,000 and $40,000 in debt & a study recently released shows that  in 2008 Bankruptcies are up 17% over the year before. These numbers coupled with evidence that more & more Canadians are missing their payments & in some cases defaulting on their loans, show us how common bad credit is becoming in our society. Over spending habits can lead to bad credit and sometimes even bankruptcy. If you are struggling with your credit cards or any other loans, then the best thing you can do is RESEARCH. Give each essay a unique theme and focus on different experiences. It’s important that any Canadian borrowing money, understand the credit process. Car Credit Hero in Port Hope Ontario was founded to help good Canadians overcome their bad credit. Many banks & lending institutions put profit 1st but with a combination of strong auto lender relationships, expert credit knowledge & a non negotiable goal to get credit challenged Canadians back on their feet, you can count on Car Credit Hero always putting you first!

Car Credit Hero works with you to get your approved on a. Apply now at CarCreditHero. com for more info!

The Consumer Proposal and Auto Loans

FACT: In Ontario you can be active in a and still finance a new car or used car auto loan!

Major banks in Canada work with Specialized Auto Loan Experts like Car Credit Hero to help Current Bankrupt consumers get approved on auto loans. If you’re in a Consumer Proposal or discharged from a Consumer Proposal you’re also entitled to auto loan financing!

The expert staff at Car Credit Hero work with Finance Companies, Banks, Trustees in Bankruptcy and Credit Counsellors to find the strengths in your credit situation and approve your auto loan. If you’re working and trying to pay down your dept or repair your bad credit thru a , then you make also need a new. If you’re trying to cut costs by switching to a different new car or used car, establish credit history inside your consumer proposal or replace the car loan you just returned – There are banks and auto loan specialists who can help you. The idea behind a bankruptcy or consumer proposal is protect the consumer and allow them a fresh start and chance to repair their damaged credit. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the app and deleted/reloaded my music library on all devices but the results are the same. If you’re struggling with creditors or filing for consumer proposal then your right to own or finance a vehicle also needs protection! Car Credit Hero will get your approved on an auto loan no matter what your credit situation!


Car Credit Hero – The Auto Loan Expert Sworn to Correct your Credit, serves the Oshawa, Port Hope, Cobourg, Belleville, Trenton, Peterborough and Bowmanville areas. They also approve auto loans for customers with a Consumer Proposal, bad credit or other credit issues ANYWHERE in Ontario. Apply Online at  or CALL US at 866-977-HERO (4376)

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3 Ways to Approve and Repair your Bad Credit with an Auto Loan

Getting approved on an auto loan when you’ve got bad credit can be frustrating. Your car loan application might be declined or banks might even ask you for things like a large cash downpayment or a co signor you don’t have! Fortunately there are bad credit auto loan experts that can help you!

Car Credit Hero in Port Hope specializes in getting bad credit & bankrupt consumers approved on auto loans!

FACT: Bankruptcies and other poor credit situations make getting a car loan more complicated but they don’t make it impossible.

There are 3 keys ways Car Credit Hero helps their customers get auto loans and repair their bad credit. Being able to see how the underpinnings work and do the math to value a company was fascinating for me? 1) Hands on Auto Loan Process: 

Our credit experts always review your credit with you & get you on the auto loan you want. No matter what your credit situation – Car Credit Hero will get you approved! Apply Online at CarCreditHero. com, You could be approved in minutes!

2) Payments:

We make 100% sure the new car or truck payments you have are affordable, so you can make your car payment on time, everytime time. PICK YOUR PAYMENT – We can customize your auto payment date for monthly, weekly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly payments. Car Credit Hero can match your car payment to your pay cheque!!!

3) Fix your Bad Credit:

Car Credit Hero only deals with banks & finance companies that report your car credit history to both of Canada’s credit bureaus each month – Car Credit Hero will make sure every dollar you spend goes towards re-establishing or build your credit. This step is the most important step to repairing your credit. If you want to know more about Car Credit Hero and their 3 step auto loan approval & repair process visit www. carcredithero. com now!

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The Car Credit Hero Blog

Hello Ontario!

Welcome to the Car Credit Hero Blog. If you’re a Used Car, New Car or Credit Challenged Buyer seeking an auto loan or even advice on how to repair your damaged credit, you’ve come to the right place!

Ontario residents looking to get an auto loan approved, even with bad credit are our specialty!  If you’re ready to rebuild your bad credit by financing a used car or new car, then please visit and apply now!

This is Car Credit Hero’s first Blog post. Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Credit Facts – We will offer no nonsense credit facts and bad credit advice to make sure you’re educated about your credit score and how it affects you.

  • homework and remembering grade 4 university of leicester; 0pt” class=”MsoNormal”> Bad Credit Tips – How to repair bad credit and how to avoid it

  • Tips for Buying a Used Car – If you’re buying a used car in the Peterborough, , Cobourg, Port Hope or the Belleville areas, then you’ll find the regional experience we offer along with our used car and credit advice invaluable!  

  •  Bad Credit Situations, Solved – We will showcase real life credit challenges that many Canadians with bad credit or no credit face everyday. Then we’ll show you how your bad credit won’t stop you from getting approved on an auto loan!

  • Bankruptcy Auto Loans – Even if you’re in a bankruptcy or consumer proposal, you’re entitled to get a new or used car auto loan. Our blog will go over specific bankruptcy and consumer proposal situations and how you can get financed on an auto loan

  • MUCH MUCH MORE  Credit and Auto Loan news, advice and information…


Car Credit Hero – The Auto Loan Expert Sworn to Correct your Credit, often serves the Oshawa, Northumberland (Port Hope and Cobourg), Belleville,Peterborough and Bowmanville areas. We also proudly approve auto loans for bankrupt or credit challenge customers anywhere in Ontario. Apply Online at www. carcredithero. com or Contact Us at 866-977-HERO (4376)

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